These hosted embroidery sessions for women to find catharsis in expressing their stories. The intention of the sessions is to encourage different female demographics to come together and discuss things associated with the body and female health; their relationship with their bodies and their experiences that may have effected this. 

Using these to set up the old age tradition of the Stitch and Bitch to offer a recognisable and comfortable space for women to initiate discussion, as well as offering them a secondary form of release through the meditative actions of expressing themselves through embroidery.

As someone who has experienced an emotional change with her body due to gynaecological illnesses and the challenge to find acknowledgement of pain and help to find a diagnosis, I am hoping that I can use these sessions to bring women together and ease them into discussing these things, not only creating a space of conversational catharsis but to also bring more awareness of things that are incredibly common within the female body but leave you feeling like you are the only person experiencing them due to social expectations to keep quiet about these things.

These sessions have been held at various venues in Cornwall, Shropshire and London with varying attendance; Nevertheless, the response to each session has been overwhelming and witnessing, what would seem like minor, breakthroughs has been awe inspiring.